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A World First: China Roars into the Future Launching 5G Networks

By Ken Temple

By Oleg K. Temple, November 2019. 

On October 31st, China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom revealed their 5G packaged deals. And right off the bat, the value proved to be jaw-dropping: Unicom’s entry-level plan, for example (see image), kicks off from just 129 CNY/month (about 16.3 Euro/month) and is capped at 30Gb of data streaming at 500Mbps and 500 minutes of talk time. The very next day, on November 1st, 5G commercial networks were rolled out in most major cities across China. 5G will empower users with streaming speeds well over 10X faster than 4G Sina Technology reported.

Initially, 5G coverage has been unveiled primarily in around 50 of the largest population centres, including: 广州 (Guangzhou), 上海 (Shanghai), 苏州(Suzhou),成都(Chengdu) and 北京市 (Beijing City). In prelude to the inevitable torrent of information about to be unleashed, each telecommunication giant installed and rigorously tested a forest of base station towers, which will share the load across as many as 5000 units in the primary metropolitan areas. To facilitate better coverage and data handling, the corporations have elected to work together and share infrastructure. By the end of the year, the number of base stations will scale 50,000 transmitting units.

Keen to obtain a competitive edge, most Chinese smartphone titans such as Huawei and Xiaomi have already unveiled 5G-capable models in mid-2019. Reports suggest that although over 10,000,000 users have signed up for 5G plans, only about a quarter-of-a-million 5g-compatible phones were sold in August. Experts have described the overall enthusiasm in the run-up to the ground-shattering event as a tepid calm before the storm. The storm being the skyrocketing demand that will shoot through the roof on the heels of the technology network’s official launch—as if the marketplace has been drawing its collective breath before all-out mania ensues. After all, with over one billion registered users, China is currently the world’s most robust telecom market.

Despite… or perhaps because of the grubby fingers on the scales of humanity’s technological future, Huawei would not be denied. By launching its network service months ahead of schedule (NOT following in the footsteps of the US, South Korea and the UK), the corporation reinforces its standing as the global leader in telecommunication and unequivocally demonstrates who is boss to the forces that churn in the shadows fabricating smear campaigns in an effort to discredit the brand and thereby gain leverage and appease their business interests.

Certain European and US entities are nervous about their ability to compete, as they feel that Huawei’s meteoric rise has been fuelled by PRC Governmental incentives, such as cheap loans and subsidies on real estate, which they have not been afforded by Western leaders. Ironically, by attempting to rein in the Oriental giant, the trade war puppeteers have achieved the opposite effect, inspiring the colossus from Shenzhen to strive to become less vulnerable and reliant upon Western technologies. As a result, the gap between the trailing competitors (Ericsson, Nokia, ZTE, Samsung and Cisco) and Huawei has only widened and the company set a record in the number of patents filed by a single corporation in a calendar year at 5,405, markedly up from its total of 4,024 in 2017.

By the same token, after the European Union report assessing risks to its planned 5G cybersecurity networks came up empty in terms of risks stemming from Huawei (a few vague apprehensions and platitudes, albeit scant on facts and substance), several countries, most notably Germany and the UK have left the door ajar for talks to allow Huawei to implement 5G tech in the near future.

Perhaps rather than projecting their insecurities upon others, the detractors of Huawei should consider that actions speak louder than words: PRC has rolled out 5G to promote cooperation and help its people. Long-term ambitions include coordination and management in the fields of traffic (self-driving vehicles) and medicine… i.e. peaceful ambitions. As for the US? Oh, they awarded the first 5G tech to the Pentagon.


Huawei offers many slick models with contemporary design and convenient features, most notably: the Huawei P30 Pro is an amazing machine, which, some experts say, rocks the best optics in the industry, blasting past the Google Pixel 3 XL. It also has a dazzling screen and comes with a reliable battery. A few rungs down, you will find Huawei Mate 20 PRO, which also has a great 40/20/8MP rear camera. So why not get yourself an early Christmas present?

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