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Magical Sounds of Japan at an Amber Sunset

20/08/2009, 08:36

By Oleg K. Temple, August 2009.

On Monday, the 10th of August, 2009 the Latvian Spa Town of Jūrmala resonated to the deep, bold sounds of Joji Hirota (廣田丈自) and the Taiko Drummers. Joji Hirota is an internationally-renowned master of percussion who studied under the great Maestro ltto Ohba of Hokkaido. Since the 1970s Master Hirota has been forging his skill to perfection with fiery passion and dedication through countless concerts around the world. Over the years, Master Hirota has seeded numerous percussion ensembles and trained countless disciples in his unique understanding and style of drumming.

Internet Advertising: Friend or Foe?

20/08/2009, 07:53

By Oleg K. Temple July 2009.

People often ask me these days "What's the point of spending on ads when the market is down for the count and dry? It's hard enough for an SME to keep its head above the waves in all this chaos, why spend more?"

Latvian Folk Costumes

20/08/2009, 07:43

By Oleg K. Temple, 2008.

Latvian Folk Costume Review — As of the 22nd All Latvian Song and the 12th Dance Festivals, the Folk Art Centre E. Melngailis renewed the practice of awarding prizes to the best-presented Latvian folk costume.

The Art Nouveau architecture of Riga

20/08/2009, 07:23

By Oleg K. Temple, 2006.

A walk around Riga is like a tour in a museum of architecture-covering periods from Gothicism to Classicism. Riga's tourist cynosure, however, is without doubt the astounding abundance of Art Nouveau architecture. In few other cities is its presence so dominating as here.

Basic Real Estate Valuation

20/08/2009, 06:53

By J.S. Silver.

Given the current interest (dare I say hysteria) associated with investing in dirt and buildings, I thought it might be interesting for our readers to have a quick, dirty manual on real estate valuation. My perspective comes from years in the industry as well as some time learning at the knee of some of the better real estate minds in academia.

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