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Privacy Statement

At, we are committed to protecting your right to privacy. Any information submitted by you will be used solely for the purpose of completing the transaction, delivering the product to you or your clients and addressing any customer service issues. We have taken countless measures to block and disable various methods Internet fraud companies use. For instance all financial transactions (which contain most of your personal details) take place on the payment website PayPal ( equipped with a powerful SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) connection that encrypts your data on its way through the Internet between you and the bank - even if it were to be intercepted on the way, it would be useless to any unscrupulous character. The SSL protocol maintains the security and integrity of the transmission channel by using encryption, authentication and message authentication codes using public and private key combinations, read more here: and here:

Our e-mail forms are designed to protect your e-mail address by warding off both spammers and malicious programmes or hackers attempting information theft from our site as well as stifle abuse by spammers.

Nonetheless, many people are uneasy when they send their personal and credit card data over the Internet. Amazingly enough, these same people have no qualms giving their credit card to a waiter they don't know in a restaurant or to a shop assistant they have never met before. Well, we believe that this trust is inspired by the "human touch", this is why we have created this data protection guide to ensure that you are fully aware of how and why we collect information from you, to whom such information is disclosed and what your rights are.

Who can access your information?

1. Public information regarding your company (address, telephone, description, etc.) is accessible by all users of our business directory.

2. Non-public information, i.e. details such as account manager's name, all emails (company email is protected by our email form, thus never seen publicly on our site) may be accessed by senior staff at

3. Your sensitive payment/financial details are encrypted by PayPal and can be accessed ONLY by the bank.

How do we use the private information you submit?

Your private details are used by solely to ensure a smooth operation of your corporate profile and proper customer service. Private details, such as age, gender, occupation, etc., are also kept on file for statistical reasons, but never openly distributed, monitored or used for any other purposes without your explicit, written consent. Though cumulative/general statistical figures may be made public, e.g. 57.5% of users of the website are male, 60% of the directory's visitors hold mid-managerial or higher-administrative  positions, 48% of the directory's users are in the 24 - 40 age-bracket, etc. Specific personal details (such as John Smith, age:35, etc.) will never be disclosed without a court order.

How do we use the public information you submit?

By "public information" we mean non-financial and non-personal information you supply about your company which may be found on documents made readily available to the public, such as the coordinates found on general business cards, letterheads, corporate website, etc.  We require certain information when:

i) Processing your orders, payments and to enhance your overall NETworking opportunities by providing you with a more personalized site - My Cornerstones

ii) We contact all newly uploaded companies with a request that they verify their information and contact is made when the status of their company changes. 

iii) Fulfil your order and administer your account.

iv) We may pass information about you to our employees to carry out services for us.

v) To disclose information about you to any relevant Government-appointed regulator if they require it or to anyone else if we have a legal duty to do so, upon verification of a legal warrant ordering us to do so.

vi) Monitor customer traffic patterns and site usage to help us develop the design and layout of the directory and for basic statistics.

vii) Occasionally, notify you about enhancements to our services such as; functionality changes to the website, new services or business opportunities. Editors' choice: our editors may contact a select few companies for a Special Feature or Exclusive. Only the contact email for the company (provided by you for this purpose) will be used, your personal data will only be used if complications are encountered during the processing of your order or with your corporate profile.

viii) We may also use your personal information to run a prize draw or competition you have entered (opted in for).  No competitions will be run on your behalf without your prior knowledge and consent.

ix) If your company is found to be diverting from the terms of use of this site by falsifying and misusing information or other misconduct, we may use the information we have about you to issue a first and final warning and then peruse and persecute the matter accordingly. If companies or registered users engage in illegal activities such as sending out spam via this website, we reserve the right to block and blacklist the perpetrator for a period as we see fit without any warning.

Your Consent

When you place a reservation, order or e-mail on this website, or if you enter yourself into a prize draw or subscribe to the newsletter, submit a company for listing, or take any other information-submitting action on this site, you are issuing your consent to the collection, processing and use of this information by members of staff of necessary to fulfil the service you require in the manner explained here.

We will not request information which is excessive for our purposes. We delete any information which we hold about you which is no longer relevant, within a reasonable period of time from the date such information becomes no longer necessary for our purposes.

We follow strict security procedures in the storage and disclosure of information, which you have given to us, to prevent unauthorized access. We reserve the right to request proof of identity before we are able to disclose information to you.

You have the right to see personal information which is held about you upon written request and payment of a minimal 10 Euro processing fee to the Data Protection Manager. Please e-mail us for details of physical address to which you may send your request.

All your personal information is available and editable free of charge in your My Cornerstones profile. If you require assistance in logging in, please visit the contact us page and an administrator will assist you promptly.

In Summary

We are committed to protecting your privacy and work tirelessly toward binging you an ever-improving service.

We only collect information about you pending your consent, which is automatically given whenever you fill out any of the forms on this site. None of the information we store is excessive to our purposes. We will use the information we acquire to enhance your NETworking experience on welcome your suggestions and questions on all subjects - Data Protection and your privacy included. Please e-mail us to learn more.


NOTE: When asked to fill in your e-mail address, please avoid using extensions of free addresses such as or - no corporate or financial information will be disclosed to intangible "ghost clients".


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